Did you hear the bangles tinkling,

the soft chiming of the bells?

The pink blossoms chanting blessings

as they fluttered and they fell?

Did you feel the benediction

of the cherry blossom trees?

The soft caress of their petals

carried on the morning breeze?

And Dawn with her rosy fingers

painting the world in her glow,

turning seeing into vision

and morning into awe?

Take your shoes off, feel the petals

cool and soft under your feet

coursing through your veins a prayer

mother nature’s soft heartbeat.

Take your shoes off, feel the petals

cool and soft, a scent so sweet

This is my church, this is my temple

hallowed ground beneath my feet



Gray pearls of ethereal delight.

Too light too fall

Too heavy too rise

Hang in the early morning light.

Hiding and revealing

The world as I approach

Softening the pink

Of the cherry blossom boughs.

Even the birds’ song

Seems muted by the fog

Transparent, yet opaque

Like love, life and god.

Dew drops hang heavy

On each blade of grass

Beautiful and ephemeral

Like a perfect prayer, whispered by the heart.