The “Avian Neural Interface” images were based on a series of photographs taken from my office window.

Crows had gathered to finish the small sour apples still clinging to the branches of my crabapple tree in early winter. It was a gray day and the crows and branches were hardly more than silhouettes and shadows, but what wonderfully complex outlines!

Avian Neural Interface Series

The branches of the tree the birds were perched on reminded me of neurons – tendrils connecting in my own inner universe. The birds in the tangle of branches were like the thoughts of birds fluttering through my mind. The objective universe merging with the subjective. 

I was struggling to name the series and must credit my son for coming up with the cool title. Thanks, Gabriel!


The pieces in my Avenian Neural Interface (ANI) series are pigment prints on canvas/watercolor paper and finished with acrylic paint/colored pencil and watercolors. They are also available printed on aluminium.


They are unique limited edition prints and vary from 12" x 12" for ANI I, II, III, and IV to as large as 40"x60" for the Blackbirds and Blackbirds on the Burning Bush paintings. 


Click on the gallery pictures below for larger size images.


Liliane Blom

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