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It's Huge!


Some of my Four Seasons paintings are being featured mural size as part of the Visarts new Art Walk pilot project at Westfield Montgomery Mall.

Located by the Cheese Cake factory, come see them, they are looking fab!

Four Seasons is supported in part by funding from the Montgomery County government and the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, 




© Copyright belongs to Liliane Blom

I love big!  And this is my mural-size happy place!

Sometimes life just gives you an unexpected opportunity and this fall a sudden chance to show my work mural-size popped up!  Visarts started a pilot project with Westfield Montgomery Mall, which gave some local artists a chance to display their work large scale. I was thrilled to send them some mockups for a couple of empty storefronts they were looking to jazz up.


I submitted a variety of possible mockups, not knowing what they had in mind, but saying that I would really be happiest if they would feature pieces from my new "Four Seasons" series. I was excited to learn that they loved my "Four Seasons" pieces and that they wanted to feature fall and winter pieces in two separate adjacent places! Two other artists were selected as well Frank McCauley and Jonathan Monaghan. Come do the art walk and see all four pieces!  More info here:

Below you can see some of the first and second round mockups for the two different spaces I was first assigned and then some before and after pictures of the two adjacent spaces and the final product! The green geometric shapes are the before pictures. But you should come see it for yourself! It's beautiful!

Final Space - Before/After pictures and mockups

Potential space 1 - Before/After pictures and mockups

Potential space 2 - Before/After pictures and mockups