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Babies are best photographed generally when they are under two weeks of age, however; this is dependent upon whether the baby was born full term and their birth weight. We suggest calling us within a few days of the baby being born. We always leave room for newborn sessions, however; during the busy Holiday season it is best to prebook, as we can always modify the schedule.  


If the baby is premature we may wait a bit longer until the baby has reached a healthy weight. If you would like the squishy baby photos then coming in within the first two weeks of life is essential.


Baby Love


A new baby is like the beginning of all things…


Liliane Blom is an award-winning photographer and artist, and a mom of two now grown children. As a mom she knows how quickly time flies by. Newborn sessions are offered in our studio or at your home.


In-home sessions do not offer the same lighting or prop selection as our in studio sessions.


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