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Family & Portraits


Whimsical, joyful, special moments. Frozen in time.



As a mom, a daughter, an aunt, and a sister, I cherish time spent with my family. Time flies. From your first date to your wedding day. From your kids first steps, to their high-school graduation. Book a family photography session to capture these precious, fleeting memories.

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Family session video

Family session video

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Things to consider before your session:


What color scheme do you have in mind for your family portrait?

I recommend avoiding black and white as they tend to stand out as harsh particularly in larger groups. I suggest to go for simple and harmonious, but not too "matchy-matchy".


How do I prepare for my session?


The camera pulls out what you’re feeling, so come prepared to feel your best. Get plenty of sleep the night before, eat light and healthy the day of the shoot and, gentlemen, don’t forget to shave. Consider hiring a professional makeup artist or hair stylist, but don’t switch up your normal hygiene regime just before the shoot as new skin cleansing or hair care products could bring about unexpected results.


What do I wear for my session?


Keep your style simple. Light to medium-dark colors are generally more flattering than dark green, black or navy. Avoid all-white and busy patterns that distract from your face. As implied in its’ name, a headshot consists of your head and upper shoulders, so choose something that falls well on your collarbone and flatters your neckline. Most importantly, remember to relax and bring your smile.



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