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Liliane Blom is a classically trained painter and award-winning photographer whose distinct style mixes her love of both media into a new one.

She calls her fusion of painting and photography digital painting. Her pieces printed on canvas or watercolor paper are later enhanced with oils/pastels and often with gold or silver leaf.


Based in Rockville Maryland of French/Norwegian extraction she is a frequent exhibitor in the Washington region. A poet at heart, she often incorporates words into her work.

Digital Painting

“The technique I use mostly these days, I call Digital Painting, it is based on my longstanding desire to merge painting and photography –15 years ago I was printing black and white images on canvas. I coated the canvas with silver emulsion, and later tinted and colored them by hand. It was a laborious and inexact process – but I loved the feeling of the canvas and felt frustrated with the smoothness of the photographic paper. Today I process my images digitally and have them printed on canvas or watercolor paper through the giclée process. Although it is still not a perfect process, one which requires several rounds of proofing and color corrections, it is very close to my dream of merging painting and photography into a single art. 

I spend a great deal of time working on individual images, creating numerous layers, erasing, shifting and changing colors; I often end up with several versions of a single image. After they are printed, I finish the pieces with oils, acrylics, pastels, or loose pigments. I also enjoy further embellishing them with Silver, Gold, or Copper Leaf."

Blue painting wth flowers and fish in water

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