650 ocean-themed ornaments handmade from recycled ties, plastic bags, CDs and plastic bottles.


Made with love and the help of 300 school children and a wonderful community of friends and neighbors - in under a month!


A commission by the Norwegian Embassy to decorate the 30 foot tall Christmas Tree at Union Station.


Ocean Conservancy a Christmas story...

Let's remember our Oceans this holiday season, 


Let's recycle our trash, say no thanks to straws, plastic stirrers, plastic bags, plastic bottles, and their caps, which all are among the top five trash items found in our oceans...  

The tree decorations are inspired by the global initiative to foster a sustainable ocean economy, a commission by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in DC.

I and my inspiring crew of volunteer fish makers - About 300 school children and another 50 neighbors, friends and wonderful volunteers ranging from two to eighty, in DC, Rockville, and Gaithersburg all hope for less waste and more beauty in the world this holiday season!


To see the live Facebook feed of the tree lighting ceremony click here

100 Shrimp made from recycled neckties and plastic bags.
100 Jellyfish made out or plastic bottles and old corks.
....and 450 old CDs turned into fish by the students of 
Gaithersburg Elementary School, Savoy Elementary School, and College Park Nursery school.
Plus all the wonderfull drop-ins at the workshop sponsored by Visarts in Rockville.


Liliane Blom

© 2007-2019 by Liliane Blom. 

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