Connecting with the Light is both a series of digital paintings and an immersive light installation. 





The paintings are a bridge between the light of the here and now and the light in the beyond. 



Connecting with the Light Series

Through these images I depict both the light and dark sides of thoughts and emotions connected with the bridging of life and death. Thoughts of death can be scary, dark and unsettling, but also hold within them the promise of release. No longer attached to the material universe, life might float on becoming a dance, a song, an ocean of light and harmony. “Connecting with the Light” is my attempt at representing humanities longing for transcendence and the need for a connection with something bright and shinning beyond our material selves. I like to think of it as the dance of the universe, or the music of the spheres.  

Connecting with the Light is thus an invitation; it invites the viewer to a communion with the possibility of an afterlife. It’s a dream I wish to partake of, but cannot quite believe in.


Liliane Blom

© 2007-2019 by Liliane Blom. 

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