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On Golden


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The “On Golden Ponds” images are based on photographs of the goldfish in my friend Anne’s backyard on Capitol Hill.


They were all taken in April as the cherry blossom petals covered the pond, The reflection of the sky and the flowers, weaving in and out of the frame, the layers of depth created by the fish below the surface inspired this series.

On Golden Ponds Series

Two perennial favorite themes of mine are reflections and shadows.  To me, shadows and reflections are secret doors to our own inner reality. They show us sides of the world, and of ourselves, which we tend to ignore.   The dual vision of the world created by reflections, seeing simultaneously what is in front and what is behind, and the merging of both the inner and the outer realities is something I have been striving for in my work.” 


The On Golden Pond series deals with this duality. The prints are made up of multiple images, photographs of the goldfish below the water layered with the ever-changing surface reflections of the pond. This tension between the inner and outer, the above and below – is very much the same as the one in my reflection/shadow pieces based not on water but on glass surfaces. 


The pieces from the series are all named after jewels and the tones are jewel-like, the paintings are made in unique limited editions and available on canvas or watercolor paper, finished with acrylic metallic and interference paint. Silver has additionally a large quantity of silver leaf applied to the surface. 


Bring the soothing shimmer of water home to your house. Order yours today! 

Jadeite in bedroom_web
NY Manhattan Hotel Silver2_web
NY Manhattan Jadeite_web
NY Manhattan Hotel Silver_web
mother of pearl_web
jadeite silver_web
Turquoise 40x60_web
Silver in NY_web
Jade small_web
Jadeite 2 over sofa_web
Falling water winter_web
You can see Jadeite and Silver at NY Manhattan Hotel
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