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Come see my
series at the wild and wonderful art extravaganza that is Artomatic. 
Seriously it's a blast and you will not want to miss it!

I'm in room 5026


Dream Time


Is it not built into our code

this need to look for meaning in the random?

To play at connect the dots

as we navigate by secret stars across our private oceans?

Ist das Leben unter der Sonne nicht bloß ein Traum copy 2.jpg
© Copyright belongs to Liliane Blom


Lots of pictures this month on Instagram from my art exhibit @Gamrekeli Gallery with Art4Us and exploration of Tbilisi and the surrounding regions in Georgia. If you have a chance to visit this amazing country - Grab it

La Baldi Artist Recidency, Montegiovi
I would urge my art peeps to take a look at the application for the La Baldi/Cultivate Residency. It was a fantastic experience for me.   

Galleries: All

PINK Series

PINK - A Cherry

Blossom Fantasy Installation

About Me
Headshot of Artist Liliane Blom

About Liliane

Liliane Blom is an installation artist as well as a classically trained painter and award winning photographer whose distinct style mixes her love of both media into a new one.  She calls her fusion of painting and photography digital painting. Her pieces printed on canvas or watercolor paper are later enhanced with oils/pastels and often with gold or silver leaf.  Based in Rockville Maryland of French/Norwegian extraction she is a frequent exhibitor in the Washington region.

Liliane Blom’s installation art is interactive and immersive and often environmental in scope.  They are multi-sensory experiences, that engage the viewer with sound/touch and light.  Playful, they unapologetically appeal to our sense of wonder.

Personal and poetic, rhythmic and layered, her work merges the world of sound and vision – the internal with the external. It focuses on borderlines. Those mostly invisible boundaries that separate me from you, us from them, reality from fantasy,   childhood from adulthood, life from death and humans from the rest of the natural world.

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