Artist Statement   Pink Poems 

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Featured by Christie’s of London as one of five must see shows to see during the 2016/2017 holiday season! 
Article about Pink by Christie's of London

Article about Pink by Christie’s of London


In depth review of Pink by Culture Spot MC

In depth review of Pink by Culture Spot MC


Penn2Pratt which covers the DC to Baltimore area, featured Pink in their January guide! Check it out!

Penn2Pratt which covers the DC to Baltimore area, featured Pink in their January guide! Check it out!


Thanks to everyone who came to see the “green” fashion show and joined us for bubbly, delicious food, and fabulous performances by Wueping and the fashion show featuring the eco-fashion designs of international fashion designer Isagus Tausch.

Tausch’s clothing art is constructed from things that are unwanted or deemed no longer useful. Isagus’ choice of fashionable dresses as her canvas subverts this consumerist culture.  Check out the fabulous pictures from the fashion show.

Pink is a joyful multimedia and interactive installation that aims to bring light into winter, the outdoors indoor and joy through the encounter with a riot of pink cherry blossoms.

Pink opened on Dec 2nd 2016 in the 2500 square foot Kaplan Gallery at Visarts in Rockville, Maryland. The show will run through January 15th 2017.


Liliane Blom, digital painter and installation artist is hard at work on the “Pink” installation and has for the last 3 years been climbing trees in the College Gardens neighbourhood of Rockville Maryland to create time lapse pieces of the Kwanzan cherry blossoms from buds to blossoms all the way to their final glory as swirling, whirling pink petals of earthly delight. She has also been roaming the streets to catch the blooms at different times of day and has a special love for the petals swirling along the street leaving fairy tale trails of pink longing behind them.

The Installation  is composed of 100 feet of billowing hand painted silk; an interactive cherry blossom “cocoon” where art lovers can play among swirling tissue paper flowers while enjoying a virtual coy pond;  large scale digital paintings and a video projections.


I want to start by saying a big Thank You
to all my supporters who, through their donations, help
and encouragement are helping me create this joyful art
installation. Merci for lightening my load! A special thanks to all these wonderful patrons of the arts:

  • Evie Altman
  • Christine Blom
  • Margaret Stacy Collins
  • Lata Conjeevaram
  • Jacqueline Devine
  • Susan Dunnell
  • Linda Dunphy
  • Paul Finver
  • Marianne Miller
  • Anne Schwab
  • Mark Stiles
  • Barbara Weis
  • Lourdes Telleria
  • Bonita Woods
  • Abdelhak Alouani
  • Greg Martin
  • Elizabeth Blom
  • Serena Viswanathan
  • Loria and Lee Ulanow
  • Jack Devine
  • Bob Buchanan
  • And 9 anonymous donors
  • Evie for helping build the boxes
  • Jake Jacobs for transportation my big ass paintings
  • Audra for ironing like a champ
  • Mark Stiles for helping me turn my silk river pink
  • Sophie for my fabulous necklace to be worn
    opening night
  • Daniel Araya for suggesting umbrellas
  • Greg for driving all the way to Leesburg
    to pick up an extra fan
  • Susan Main for believing in my dream!
Thank You all!!