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The Importance of Getting Involved in your Local Community

As a local Rockville artist, I spend the majority of my time promoting my artwork to local businesses, papers, newsletters, blogs and art studios. This is an essential way for me to get my name out there and get my artwork known throughout the community. However, regardless if you are a an artist or not, make sure you spend your time reading these papers and newsletters and blogs because your local community, wherever you are, could potentially be truly inspiring.

We all suffer from creative blocks whether that’s writer's block or painter’s block, no one constantly has a flow of creativity at all times. Think of your local community involvement as a (most likely) free pinterest board. Inspiration is all around us, but we often say “oh I don’t have time.” The important thing to take away form this is to make time to engage with your local community and draw inspiration from them in person. In a constantly changing world where we often find ourselves behind the screen of our individual devices, it is important to take a break every once and while and get involved in your local community and support one another.

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